At Teach For India, we envision fostering a networked community of Alumni who are committed to their role as leaders and movement-builders for the cause of educational equity in India.

Our hope is to see our Alumni play a key dual role - not just as leaders in their respective fields and workplaces (be it early-childhood education, vocational education and teacher-training or research in a school, non-profit, university or corporate) but also as builders of a movement for educational equity in our country. Our hope is to see them mobilize resources and organize people towards the cause, to see them inspire men and women at all levels of the education ecosystem and enable their leadership development, to see them inform policy debates and influence conversations on educational equity and to see them innovate and amplify the impact they are having on children through their work and spread it beyond the walls of their own organizations and communities.

2011 Alumnus Anoop Parikh decided to return to his low-cost private school in Govandi to continue teaching post the Fellowship, because he believed that the process of immersing himself in the community and working with key stakeholders would help him understand the problems first-hand, enabling him to design solutions for his children.

2009 Alumnus Ashish Shrivastava works as a teacher in a remote tribal area in Chhattisgarh, a region hit hard by the Naxalite insurgency, where he is trying to develop a contextualized curriculum that works for children in that region.

2013 Pune Fellow Jai Mishra worked with his School Management Committee to mobilize the entire parent community to advocate for free secondary English medium education for their kids, playing the role of an initiator and a catalyst.

2013 Delhi Fellow Anurag Kundu helped his kids conduct the ASER survey to measure the learning levels of children across 400 families in their community, Seelampur. The students presented the state of education in their community to the Head of ASER, Rukmini Banerji and other government officials.

Our Alumni continue living by the 3 commitments of personal transformation, collective action and educational equity as they graduate from the Fellowship and our hope is that they will continue leading our people’s movement for an educated, shining India.

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Teach For India supports graduating Fellows in career opportunities post the Fellowship through the Career Portal and Internal Career Fair. Organizations from across sectors recruit Fellows through the Portal, with opportunities that build on their leadership learning.

Through the Fellowship experience, Fellows are also exposed to networking opportunities, access to the larger network, mentoring with industry stalwarts, and engagement with other Alumni through the Alumni Portal.

With a strong belief and focus on the power of the collective, Teach For India has set up the Innovations Lab along with the Central Square Foundation and Villgro, to support Fellow and Alumni entrepreneurs to develop sustainable and innovative solutions to the most pressing problems in education in India.

Alumni across sectors in Education